Why women love triathlon

We recently asked our Twitter followers (over on @TheTriExpo) what they would say to a woman wanting to take up triathlon. What, we wondered, is so great about the sport where women are concerned. We were absolutely inundated with responses from women triathletes – both experienced and beginner – all singing the praises of triathlon. If you’re in any doubt at all, here is a round-up of some of the best reasons why you should try a tri.

Triathlon is so accessible to any ability and any age. That’s why I ❤ it, inclusive & friendly. No question is a silly one!

I love the fact it is so inclusive, everybody no matter what their ability, ambition etc is welcomed with equal enthusiasm and encouragement

Loads of new friends, camaraderie, tight abs, no bingo wings and a happier, healthier you. In @CrapTri there’s also cake & wine!

Always found triathletes friendly, quick to say well done if you pass / they pass. Tend to chat at transition set up. All in it together👍


And it can take you across the world so can experience new places

Everyone racing knows it’s tough + you feel like your ‘in this together”. The atmos is fab! And normally a good dose of camaraderie 👊😀

Oh my golly gosh. Our favourite topic. Too many to mention! Just 1? The incredible women you compete alongside – help raise each other up!

People are often impressed or say “I could never do that”. If I can they could too. Overcoming “I can’t” is a big part of it

1. We all look grim in a wet/tri suit 2. Even the professionals can get silenced by a puncture 3. What’s not to love ❤

it’s empowering & you feel amazing training & racing! @wearethreo

It is really good fun and you make lots of friends and you get to go to new places and all your friends think you are awesome 

It is a sport for every shape and size going. It is friendly, supportive and makes you feel amazing!!

It’s great mixing up the training-sometimes you feel like a swim, sometimes a cycle & v occasionally a run…no getting bored 

Because of the challenge! It’s not an easy task to take on, it is hard work & makes it that much more of an achievement 

You get to eat lots of cake and get away with it cause you’re training

Find out more about how to get into the sport and read inspiring stories from our partner British Triathlon: https://www.britishtriathlon.org/get-involved/this_girl_can/about
or come meet the British Triathlon team at the Tri Expo – EventCity Manchester 10th – 11th March 2018.

Our top seven triathlon events in the UK

There are SO many great triathlon and ironman events taking place all around the UK, we thought we’d put together our top seven (based on the experience of the Tri Expo team). Do have a look at our selections and let us know if you think there are any must-attend events we have missed out! Share your thoughts on Twitter @TheTriExpo or over on our Facebook page.

1.       Always Aim High Adventure Triathlon Series – Slateman, Snowman, Sandman
This is a fantastic series of tough triathlons throughout the year. If you don’t mind cold water and you like a challenge on the bike and run, then these are the events for you.  Tri Expo’s Becky has competed for the last four years and says “they are amazingly well-organised events with amazing scenery”. What’s not to love?!

2.       Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh
The inaugural event took place a few weeks ago and Tri Expo’s Becky and Cam both took park. Becky says: “It is probably one of the toughest courses on the Ironman tour but an amazing event none the less!”

3.       Outlaw Triathlon
These are brilliantly organised events and probably the most beginner -friendly long-distance triathlon event in the UK.

4.       Celtman
The Celtman is an epic race around the Torridon Mountains in the Northwest Highlands. This extreme Scottish triathlon is up there with the famous Norseman Tri. ’ Friend of the Tri Expo Paul says “In my book the Celtman is probably one of the hardest single day triathlons out there and if you’re looking for something more than an Ironman this is one to put on the bucket lists!”

5.       Helvellyn Triathlon
Another iconic race – and this one is set in the Lake District. It is definitely a tough physical challenge – and the cycle includes the infamous “Struggle” and the  run is up and down Helvellyn.

6.       Blenheim Triathlon
This is a great event for beginners and it also hosts a top field of elite athletes. It is set in the stunning location of Blenheim Palace and racing takes place on closed roads around the palace estate.

7.       Castle Triathlon Series
The Castle Triathlon Series is at five different castles (three in the England, one in Ireland and one in France), with distances ranging from super sprint up to long distance triathlon as well as something for the kids. Tri Expo’s Becky says: “Castle Howard is probably my favourite venue but they are all lovely!”

10 accounts triathletes should follow on Instagram

We love Instagram – and have recently started doing more with our @biketriexpo account. It’s such a great platform for cycling and triathlon – full of beautiful destinations and motivational quotes. Here is our pick of the 10 accounts we recommend you check out.



Josh Holman is a Team GB Age Group Athlete and his insta is a lovely mix of training shots and inspirational messages.

Headed out for a rip on the TT bike this afternoon and I was absolutely flying! 😃🚴🏼💨 • • The aim of today's session was to think hard about my body position, especially when on the aero bars! There is a lot of time to be saved, especially when racing iron distance so it is vital to take the time to practice and consider what small changes can be made, and also make sure that you are totally comfortable! (112 miles is a long way!) I've got a few more adjustments to make until I am satisfied but I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I got home that I averaged 36kph over 65 kilometres! I felt like I was cruising the whole way round so I know there is a lot more in the tank! Looks like all of these FTP sessions are finally paying off! 😃😏😈 • • Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week so far! Happy #humpday

A post shared by Josh Holman I Triathlete (@ironman.josh) on


Julia Grant is based in New Zealand and her gorgeous shots usually feature her running buddy – a border collie.


The 2016 Olympic Champion shares so many great pictures of her training – and Gwen recently announced that she’s having a baby so expect to see some lovely family shots too.


This official account features a mix of standard event pictures and video, as well as behind-the-scenes shots.


Daily inspiration for your swim, bike or run.


Spain’s Javier Gomez Noya is one of Insta’s most followed triathletes. He captions his beautiful images of his triathlon travels in both Spanish and English.


Follow this account for inspirational messages and regrams of fantastic triathlon pictures.


She might only have a few hundred followers, but we are big fans of the Insta work of this Team GB age group triathlete. She’s also a vet and her gorgeous dog appears in lots of the pictures.


Beautiful shots of open water swimming destinations.


The editor of 220 Triathlon shares pictures of her own triathlon training and events, as well as what it’s like working on the magazine.