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Foreign cuisine in Krakow

When you are during a trip abroad it is a common thing to look for a typical or traditional food there. However, people there are in for something more than the taste of their...


Rainy days in Krakow – what to do?

It might be the worst thing to happen during long awaited holidays. You have just arrived to the place, and you feel like you are in the middle of a damn rainforest. Worst case...


Vast nightlife in Krakow

By day it is one of the most beautiful and mysterious city in the Poland and Europe. By night it is the beating heart of longest and craziest parties, integrating people from all around...


What to do today in Krakow?

 There is a polish saying that each intellectual Pole should visit Krakow at least once a year. One of the oldest cities in the country is in fact a true beauty, with many layers...