Foreign cuisine in Krakow

When you are during a trip abroad it is a common thing to look for a typical or traditional food there. However, people there are in for something more than the taste of their place, which leads to a situations, when in bigger cities, there can be great restaurants, that could compete with or even beat their native equivalents. Sometimes, by mixing the location and preferences of local people with the cuisine makes a blend so unique it is worth trying.

Krakow was always a place with plenty of attractions. When thinking what to visit here, we stumble upon many well preserved monuments and places of interest. Great works of arts are present in plenty of museums and seasonal exhibitions. But Krakow is not only a City of Kings, but also was a merchant center of this part of Europe. That is why, there is an certain feeling to this place, integrating people from around the world and their cooking preferences. This lead to a situation in which Krakow has a few interesting restaurants to visit, that are not serving polish dishes. There are wonderful ideas for a free time in Krakow.

First of such places is indeed unique, corresponding with international blend of Krakow. It is Chez Nicholas, a French restaurant with a chef from China. Right there you can taste the tradition of France met by the passion of interested cook from the second part of the world. We are lucky, that this unique meeting was done here, in Krakow, as this place is full with delicious food.

After crossing the old Jewish district called Kazimierz, we can stumble upon Euskadi, new restaurant that specializes in Basque food. The Iberian taste of certain people is met with Polish approach and Italian additions. It is the very definition of what people could do in Krakow few hundred years ago, when many new goods were collected together in one big market. Definitely a place worth paying a visit.

CK Browar is located near famous Bagatela Theater. It is known for a polish cuisine, however it not the whole story. For over a hundred years Krakow was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, differentiating from other major cities of Poland. However it shared year of history with them. From this combination, unique cuisine was born, typical for Krakow, joining strong southern influence of Austria and Hungary, present even before the conquest of Poland. Nowadays, there are no many places that can grasp that feeling, so CK Browar is a must, when visiting Krakow at least once. You can try many different food there with their own beer beverages.

Speaking of unique feelings, you can have a very distinctive one, almost in the middle of a city center. Aqua e Vino is an Italian restaurant, that is located in one of the basements, so it is possible to recreate basically any climate. Thematically it takes to Italy, but kind of in a different, Godfather-ish way. It is elegant, yet very extraordinary. Needless to say, served food is top sort. It is run by Italians which you can tell after the typical bread and olives for starters. Then it only gets better, as pastas are aromatic, there is never enough of their good wine, and deserts make you jealous of Italian cuisine. The only downside is that prices are not for everyone there, so you cannot visit it each weekend. But it will make a great impression during company meeting or almost every day. You can trust me on that one.

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