Rainy days in Krakow – what to do?

It might be the worst thing to happen during long awaited holidays. You have just arrived to the place, and you feel like you are in the middle of a damn rainforest. Worst case scenario it is unbearably hot until noon and then it rains until the evening, leaving you without any chance of visiting anything interesting. You can even get sick. However, in Krakow you might find a lot of activities, that you might end up happy that it was raining! Curious?


The city of board games

There might be not second city that immersed into the returning fashion of board games in Poland like Krakow is. Starting with the phenomenon of Hex Board Café, Krakow is filled up with interesting places to meet with people and spend long hours around fireplace and good coffee playing your favorite titles or exploring whole new ones. You can either go for more modern designs and feels like Boardowa, or pull up your hoods and join your brothers in the Call of Cthulu oriented R’lyeh. Younger fans will find Leaky Cauldron near the city center, to feel like Harry Potter and their friends. Everything relatively cheap as it is in Poland and you can have a true tour the universe when it comes to science fiction and fantasy.


The city of role play

If you want to go further this path, or you are just a fun of good old tabletop games, Krakow is also a place to find many good Dungeon or Game Masters. There are even many events (such as Adventure League) that accumulate new players and integrate them. You should definitely try it with friends, as many of those people will be willing to play with you in English, enjoying warm beverages and good food along the way.

There are also plenty of Live Action Role Playing events (known as LARPs) but only scarce of them are international oriented, so you should be careful with those.


The city of action

What about others, looking to blow off steam and meet people during amazing activities? Well, you are in one of the best places to be, at least in Poland. Plenty of shooting ranges or gaming clubs are there for the visiting. Krakow is also full of museums, exhibitions and cultural places in which you will grasp the nature of this proud city. You can also have a crazy amount of fun, cosplaying, throwing axes, playing retro games or visiting steel replicas of cars. There is also a Lego Muzeum near main station, which will show you the interesting history of Poland in the form of large brick constructions, made by enthusiasts. There are plenty of such activities, you should try to google Bad Axe, Manggha or Game Over to see what I mean.


The city of mystery

Krakow has also its mysteries. If you are here during the colder months it is definitely worth visiting many old churches, museums and Wawel Royal Castle. The main square has its underground turned into one big exhibition of city evolving through the years. Kazimierz, old Jewish district, has its narrow streets filled with small interesting shops, resembling the one described in ”Needful Things” by Stephen King. It is worth packing an umbrella, for one rainy day might be the best, when you will be brave enough to embrace it. With much less people around you will be able to grasp the mysterious feeling present here and by night, you can do one of the best pictures of a big city in Europe.

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