Vast nightlife in Krakow

By day it is one of the most beautiful and mysterious city in the Poland and Europe. By night it is the beating heart of longest and craziest parties, integrating people from all around the world in one place. Welcome to Krakow, old capital and the City of Kings.


What to visit during stay in Krakow?

The longest your visit, the luckiest you are. Krakow is full of places worth your time. If your trip here is short, you should definitely focus on the Main Market, where you will find the essence of the city. Then, you probably will be back for more. Main square is a place for trying out polish cuisine. Places like “Kompania Kuflowa”, “Miodowa” or “CK Browar” are your best bets, showing you the unique Polish feel influenced by southern neighbors, mainly Austrians and Hungarians. You will drink good beverages everywhere they are making it themselves, so look for such places. Two of three mentioned above does it and there are plenty more to find yourself. Just ask around or walk through the large streets of old city or narrow ones from Jewish district called “Kazimierz”.

Here, you will also find best clubs for the night. Shine, Amnesia, Rin of Społem are known for the best parties. There are also a lot of student clubs, but the best are located near campuses of their universities. More about those below.


Student’s life has its virtues

While there are so many problems around, student’s life is arguably the best thing. Being an adult and yet having so much less duties is opening possibilities. While students are gathered around Main square and Kazimierz, there have also their own places with the same amount of people partying every day. Clubs such as “Zaścianek” or “Studi” near AGH UST or “Kwadrat” near PK are very popular, holding many events, gigs and simple student parties. Dormitories parties are nowadays quite similar to fraternities parties, with real deal happenings around, so you might want to try and find your way in there for the greatest party memories around.


More unique activities

Krakow is a place that rarely sleeps. Streets are often filled with people partying until morning. However, there is more to the place when it comes to events. Outskirts and center of Krakow are full of interesting companies and places. Starting with many shooting ranges or racing tracks and ending with retro gaming houses or throwing axe clubs. There are also thematic locales for die hard funs of Lovecraft books or Harry Potter universe. While being to London it is maybe easy to find some souvenirs, but it’s much harder to find a Leaky Cauldron. No wonder – it’s here, in Krakow!


Stag and hen do

With all that being said, old capital of Poland is definitely amongst the top places to throw yourself a party before wedding. You can combine some early sightseeing, afternoon action-packed activities with crazy pub crawling or parties at the evening. All of that, combined with one of the best cuisine in the world will make it worth your time. The distinctive magic of main square of Kazimierz by night is something that will make it a memory for the years to come. You might even stumble upon the loads of people to join you. I have had a lot of parties starting with few people, ending with dozen in the area of students dormitories. Those are the lifelong friendships now, which I hope you will make as well!

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