What to do in Krakow? Why not consider going to a shooting range?

While in south part of Poland you should definitely consider trying one of many attractions in Krakow. They range from rich nightlife, through many theme pubs to interesting action-packed experiences. Nowadays, the last option is more and more commonly explored by both citizens and tourists. What exactly can you do in Krakow rich outskirts? For example, you could consider visiting a shooting range and blow some steam off either casually with friends or trying some of many courses. Maybe, you’ll end up with a new hobby?

Cracow Shooting Academy has a great deal of area converted into the professional shooting range. Here, you can learn or grind new skills, based around firearms. It is possible to not only unload some ammo into the targets, but you will also meet instructors that will teach you how to do it properly. You will get to know how to maintain proper shooting stance, aim, work with the trigger and master everything with weaponless training back home. Every course and weapon package has time with instructor in its price, so you don’t need any experience or skill beforehand. You just need good will and time to come.

A typical visit starts with choosing your weapon package. There is plenty to choose from, starting from simple pistols or revolvers and ending on professional sniper rifles. You can also try some historical weapons if you fancy it. Simply stating – you will not be bored with the choice here. After considering your options, you will meet with the instructor. As mentioned, he will prepare you for the whole experience, so it will be perfectly safe, useful and most of all, fun. Those people are experienced professionals, therefore it is worth asking them questions in order to learn even more entertaining facts. For example, weaponless training is a knowledge that will take you far in terms of skill, so your second visit on any shooting range will be much more smooth. After all of those steps you will be finally able to shoot. The number of shots depends on the package, and you can easily expand those on site, so you should take some basic packages for starters and then decide on making them larger as you go.

Why visit Krakow of all places to make a shooting sessions with friends? Firstly, Krakow is an old capital of Poland, and similar to Kyoto in Japan is somewhat of a cultural gem. You can experience many events, taste traditional polish cuisine and drink best beverage on the main market. Secondly, Cracow Shooting Academy has a unique approach to the subject in which everyone will find something more than simple shooting at targets. For more casual visitors, you will be able to organize yourself a party at the place. Outskirts of Krakow are still green and beautiful and you can throw a party under the stars, enjoy local beer and have fun otherwise. For more knowledge-pursuing people, you can either complete a course on the go or try your skills in real situations simulated on the shooting range. Yes, there is a possibility of experiencing something known to you only by watching action movies. There are plenty of people, that want such dream coming true, and Cracow Shooting Academy does just that. If you are interested, you should definitely google them and give it a shot. There is a reason, it’s one of the most commonly picked places for an extraordinary stag do in Krakow, not only by citizens by tourists as well.

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