What to do today in Krakow?


There is a polish saying that each intellectual Pole should visit Krakow at least once a year. One of the oldest cities in the country is in fact a true beauty, with many layers to discover. On the one hand it is proud and gorgeous, while on the other hand it is wild during night, integrating people from all around the world. And even if, Krakow has its downside or simply worse days, there is no reason, not to give it a chance.


Nowadays, Krakow is an unique blend of activities and cultures to offer. Sufficient to say, that even historically it was connecting a lot of differences in one city. Old town had a neighbor in Jewish district called Kazimierz. City was also a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire for over one hundred years, separated from the changes that were present in other parts of conquered Commonwealth. As a royal city and capital for many years it grew certain tradition and atmosphere. The greatest example lies above the Vistula river at the Wawel Castle. Up until this day, you can travel through times, observing the changes on those royal buildings.

All of those influences are easy to grab every day in Krakow. It makes it a special and unique place to visit, in which you need at least a few days to fully grasp the true meaning of it. You have to walk those larger streets of main market and then meet with more narrow, tiny ones of Kazimierz. You should take a boat down the river, to compare different parts of the city, growing larger with years to come. Smaller districts have their small markets, the aftermath of nearby villages joining the cities. Up until now, you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits there, grown by local people, which is somewhat different than most of the cities in Poland. Great chefs are making their way down here, for the best ingredients and it might be the reason why many good restaurants are located at the edges of Krakow.

Speaking of restaurants you should definitely try many tastes that City of Kings has to offer. You can even visit a restaurant dated back to XIV century that was serving the royal people of Europe and is still at the main market. CK Browar will show you the Austrian influence, combined with Polish tradition, making it unique place on the map of the world. You can also find many foreign restaurants that are sometimes run by natives, so they could complete with their equivalents back home. Pizzas are great here and best restaurants can serve it in both American and Italian way. Japanese people are praising our sushi. Krakow is a true heart when it comes to tasting different dishes and you should definitely try them here, supported by local beverages and sweets. After all Krakow was once a big trade center on the map of Europe and it is the best aftermath of that situation we could hope for nowadays.

There are also many places outside of Krakow, where you can open yourself to some new experiences. They can be thematic, or simply action-packed. You can also make an extraordinary stag or hen night here, combining such crazy activities like cosplay or throwing axe with pub crawling later on. Maybe you will also stumble across a concert, as Krakow has a tradition of many good foreign bands making it right to that city. For example, this year, it will be definitely hot during System of a Down concert, coming in June.

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