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Krakow is the hidden gem of center Europe. Located on the south of Poland, it is an old capital of that country. It’s architecture and historical beauty derives from the rich history. This great city was heavily influenced by any neighbours, including times when it was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unique atmosphere is possible to feel in so many places, starting with main square and ending on one of the beautiful lakes surrounding this place. Being near mountain ranges of Poland, yet on the plain hills, makes it an interesting place with both large forests and sights. In this article we will see some of many places that will help you grab this unique feeling of Krakow.


Main market

If you are considering Krakow in any way, you must have heard about the main market of the city. It is the heart of any historical trip by day and the buzzing nightlife center by night. You will meet a lot of people here: students, tourists, citizens. They are enjoying pubs with friends, learning about the history or eating in the great deal of interesting places. Aside from typical polish cuisine you will find here a lot of foreign restaurants that are worth your attention. Places run by natives are sometimes superior to their equivalents in those countries. Additionally, for the most important parts of the year, there are thematically based stalls around the center of market. Depending on the season you will get yourself a sweet craft for Christmas or good meats for Easter. Such a great place to visit!




For everyone willing to embrace the wilderness of nature, Krakow has a lot of attractions. Although city is sometimes considered polluted, you will actually find a lot of green land relatively close to the city center, especially when you compare it to other European cities. One of such places is Zakrzówek, which is one the main places for many young people to escape everyday routine. It has great view on the lake, trapped inside the landscape with so many green places to sit and enjoy food or beverage. During warmer parts of the year there are plenty of people around. And yet, there is almost always still a calm place, when you compare it to the center. There is also a certain magic to the sunsets around, with lose sun beams finding their way inside and refracting infinitely.


Wawel Castle


Krakow is sometimes called a City of Kings, as for a long time it was a capital and a home to Polish kings. The Royal Castle is Wawel and it is surely worth your time. Located proudly over the Vistula river it is often a first sight when approaching city center of Krakow from the southern roads. It’s majestic walls and building are in great condition. You can visit this castle at any part of year and any day. There are plenty of historical and art exhibition inside, with both constant and seasonal. It is hardly possible to see everything in one day, as Castle has underground paths, royal cathedral and all of royal living quarters still intact. There are many great works of art inside to enjoy. Also you are able to see how such royal family was living in Poland and how it was influenced by many years of wars and alliances of Polish Commonwealth during thousand years of its history. It may not be the biggest castle in Poland, but it is surely a most entertaining one.

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