The way of the stag – a guide to stag nights in Kraków

When it comes to weddings, we can think about all of the trouble of getting together your family with friends and colleagues. Serving the food to meet all tastes. Mix the music for all generations and moods. Finding the entertainment that will bring joy to everyone from children to adults. And on top of that – making it all affordable. It is the great challenge of still young couple, that will soon find out how hard is to find a mere compromise between themselves, when the compromise will be required between their families and friends.

There is however an event that exists first and foremost to entertain the young couple. While their own wedding is full of expenses, plans and even struggles, there is one night, that makes them forget about the toughest of choices and duties to come. Famous stag (or hen) night.

We recognize a great tradition in making bride or gloom going completely crazy, just before their life will undoubtedly change forever. There is plenty of movies, books and even shows about those events. We laugh as we watch the crew of “Hangover”, struggling to find their friend in city of Las Vegas, or we judge the odd choices in the shows regarding someone else’s wedding. And yet, when it comes to our friends we stand completely surprised and clueless about what should we prepare. Worry not! I am here to help you in one of the most interesting cities in Europe when it comes to party in both traditional and extraordinary ways – in Kraków.

Starting with stag nights, we can easily distinct two main ways of boys getting to party, before one of their own ultimately loses his freedom. Ideally, both ways are cultivated and participants get to:

a) Do something interesting, and unusual. Bonus points for the activities that might be later prohibited by the choice of his heart.

b) As famous Alestorm used to sing:

“Drink, drink, drink, drink(…)”

To have a successful stag night in Kraków, you basically need to find a good passionate group, that does something interesting for your friend, that you are organizing stag night for and there is a great chance that they earn money by helping casuals do it. There are associations ranging from crazy and unbelievable to extreme nerdy. As there is no way to put them all into single article let’s name some of the examples, that make top of the Google list:

  • Cracow Shooting Academy, let’s you spend your stag night guns blazing, including some action movies inspired activities, following by a barbecue or dinking night later on.
  • Badaxe, comes from the group of either crazy or unbelievable. You will tell everyone that you could literally throw axes during your stag night.
  • R’lyeh Café, this interesting place, inspired by Call of the Cthulu books, is a place of various meetings from simple Role Playing groups to modern pagans. That covers our nerdy stuff. And they have good beer.

With all that being said, here is the sample stag night, that WILL blow your friend’s mind. You start quite early, during afternoon on the Shooting Range located in Pasternik (outskirts of Kraków). There, as everyone is still sober, you are opening the entertainment with a package of various weapons to try (including AK-47 or Sniper Rifle). Enjoy it with a beer later and then take a bus to the city. Go for some pub crawling In the main market, you will meet a dozen of people, enjoying one of the greatest city in Poland at its best. Have a specific pub ready for laters, based on the specific preferences. Have something prepared there or improvise on the go. Bear in mind, that others might seek you as a first man later on.

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