Where to have a stag night? Definitely in Krakow!

Have you decided to make your, or your best friend’s stag night somewhere abroad, like in the movies? Maybe you are still deciding on the good way to make it unusual and still fun? In both cases, Kraków is where you should do a stag party.

The old capital of Poland is the second largest city in the country and is for a reason a city filled up with young people, loving their nightlife here. After evening, until the morning, streets of city center are filled with tourists, students and party-goers. Restaurants and bars are opened long after midnight. You can taste good food, drink good beer and meet nice people from all around the world. What makes a better place for a stag do? Especially, when prices are relatively low for a quality you get and city itself has simply beautiful old town.

When in Kraków you have plenty of options. For a starters, bear in mind that there are two districts that can be called “old town” here: Main Market and Kazimierz. First one is more expensive, but more interesting and sophisticated, combining foreign culture with polish flavors. Kazimierz is cheaper, more adjusted for students and younger people, and also more accessible. It is however a bit harder to reach and get back to the city center and train.

During your stay in Kraków you have multiple options for interesting activities to kickstart your stag party before night falls. You can enjoy the offer of plenty companies that do extraordinary stag parties. Your best bet is to do some good manly activities, to bring some thrill and adrenaline into play, so following drinking will be even more enjoyable. Shooting ranges, go-cart races, throwing competitions and whatnot are there to be found, some of which can be also combined with after party at the same place or you are getting transported to a suitable pub or bar. The coverage of such events is simply important for Polish people, and you get to enjoy it here if you want.

Of course, you can approach it more traditional way. There is no scarce of pubs and bars in mentioned districts, as Kraków has a lot of space in the old architecture to adapt into entertainment. With all of that it is one of the best places in Europe for a pub crawl, as streets and market are relatively small with a lot to offer at the same time. There are plenty options from traditional vodka drinking to strip clubs. Many of those places are offering you a stag do, especially if you will contact them beforehand. People are also eager to help you, and many of those places are hiring guides to help you find them, give you discounts and otherwise aid. Its therefore a friendly and safe environment, where everything is close and easy to approach, even while getting extremely drunk with your best friends.

Some exemplary places from both traditional and extraordinary categories include: Cracow Shooting Academy or Badaxe for some cool stuff and Shine or Klub 30 (30 years old and above, at least most of the time) for drinking afterwards. There are simply a lot of advantages when considering Kraków, as your place for a stag night. And if you are here by accident, you are just lucky people. You could not have make it any better for yourself! Just google through the map of old town, arrange yourself a date in mentioned companies and go crazy.

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