Best new options for a stag do

It is no secret, that everyone wants to be sort of special, especially now, that many things are widely available. Even more, when we do something for a friend. Say, a gift is no longer an easy task, when given to a special person, since we can easily track it down, check a price and whatnot. That’s the main reason why custom things are getting more popular, or why we go for an event instead of a material thing.

There is no much difference into important life events. Wedding are getting organized in more fancy places. While in Europe it is mostly ordinary ceremony, Japanese people tend to hire people to make it more “American”. High school parties are no longer organized simply in school, they tend to be thrown in big restaurants and accompanied by a band, instead of a guy, who always wanted to be a DJ.

It’s obviously nothing bad, that we want to make important periods of our lives special. It is not only possible, but relatively cheap now, so we should definitely go for it. Not being lazy for a friend can also pay off later, when he gets to do the same. So, in the face of those changes, what are the best ways to throw a stag party, for a buddy?

First of all, when we decide to go for drinking, let’s not limit ourselves to one place. Pub crawling is so much fun, that every student internships or international courses are opened and summarized by such events. Those are lot of fun, you get to meet a lot of people, and integrating with your friends during those walks, while getting more and more drunk are gold. You get to sing, you get to do weird things, it’s all there. Sitting in one place is not only dull, but makes for a short party, because there will be nothing new to it, and crew will realize that pretty quickly. Nowadays, city centers are packed with nightclubs, so it is always possible to make it, as long as you are not somewhere in the wilds.

And wilds don’t have to be that bad idea as well. I don’t mean a middle of a forest, as getting drunk there might be risky at best, but somewhat civilized approach. Open night party at your summer house is a classic, but there are also new possibilities, made by companies that do stag/hen nights. You can for example go for a shooting range session with lots of guns, and thrilling action and then, at the same place, have there a pub or barbecue party. It is no joke, many companies are doing it now, offering cool activities to start a day, and traditional party to sum it, not disturbing anyone around, completely safe, nature involved if you want. Nothing better than chilling after nice party until sun rises above woods around.

You can also make for a wild trip with friends, “Hangover” style. Traveling around Europe is now a piece of cake, and there are plenty of cities, that are surprisingly nice for such activities and you wouldn’t know it. Take my hometown – Kraków, as an example. Each evening, this Polish city turns into one big party, especially when months are hot and there are lots of tourists in the Old Town. There are also many companies to throw you a great stag party in Kraków, such as Cracow Shooting Academy. Nothing stand in your way to hop on into train, equipped only with a suitcase and a wallet for some expanses, which are by the way, not so big in many countries, like Czech Republic, Poland or Lithuania. It’s all there for a taking!

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