Stag do guns blazing – from paintball to shooting range

Nowadays a creative stag night is more and more often a replacement for traditional drinking evening with best friends. Some people are even taking whole day or whole weekend to combine both into one epic event, when you start with some interesting activities and then enjoy food and drinks, talking about it. Such plan is a guarantee of a party in the good taste, utilizing everything that XXI century has to offer in terms of entertainment, which is huge possibilities, and good availability. In Kraków you can also count on cheap prizes, while at it, so it is basically one of the best places to organize such event. It is even worth it to travel here in order to do so.

When deciding for a stag night involving some serious action and emotions, the safest bet will involve some shooting. In Kraków there are many ways of doing said activities, involving paintball for some competitive action, shooting ranges for more professional and enthusiast oriented way and throwing axes for completely unique and crazy experience. Some of those places are also ready to cover your whole event.

Let’s take Cracow Shooting Academy as an example. Company has a well-equipped shooting range, where professional instructors will be more than happy to assist you and prepare everyone for shooting. That’s the way to have some good time and acquire new skills while doing so. Depending on the chosen package you will be able to try some unique weapons, such as AK-47, MP5 Submachine Gun, UZI or even some historical firearms, dated back to World War II. Each package can be modified for your tastes so each person can try their best as they like.

After that, more traditional part of the stag party begins. Thanks to the location of a shooting range, there are not much neighbors to disturb, while partying all night under the open sky of Pasternik. You can enjoy some music, pub service or make yourself a nice and calm barbecue, chilling with friends before some of that freedom will be taken by the duties of marriage. Many things can be organized into such party, you just have to contact company beforehand. It is also worthy to do so, for the sake of free date, nowadays such companies are busy with overwhelming amount of people, wiling to have extraordinary and interesting party instead of classical drink and fade out one. You should definitely join them!

We have also noticed, that more and more people are finding their new hobby in the activities of the stag nights. After the first parachute jump, came another dozen. After the simple match of paintball, someone joined competitive team to do that every weekend. Visiting a shooting range ended up in applying for a sport or collector’s license for guns. There are plenty of stories, that can repeat themselves for you or your best friend that asked you to organize his stag night. There is no better feeling of a job well done, when not only stag night is a big success, but he also relives it every time he is off to his new passion or hobby. With action oriented activities and some later drinking to further enjoy the day, that is almost guaranteed to have at least some good memories, so we strongly encourage to try something more, while in the best city in Poland to do so.

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