Stag do in Kraków – where to go?

Kraków is the second largest city in Poland. In years, old capital of Poland evolved into one of the most friendly and entertaining places in the country, being often chosen by students not only because of great learning atmosphere, but because of huge nightlife present. Being in such place for a stag do is either a great coincidence or part of a well thought plan.

Either way, you can’t really go wrong in this city, when it comes to stag party. First of all, in the main market which is the city center of Kraków, you have everything you need. Starting with a good amount of places to stay, from cheap motels and private houses to big hotels such as Sheraton all located very close to the oldest buildings and main streets in the city. Additionally main station and one of the biggest shopping malls are there as well, making Kraków one of the most tourist friendly cities in this part of Europe. You can literally just visit the Old Town, never get lost in the less important parts of the town, because you had to travel from railroad station to the center. Even when coming by plane, you have a simple bus that will take you to the center.

Secondly, you will find the best clubs and pubs on the main streets of Old Town. Streets so well known as Szewska are full of great food to taste, including typical polish cousine and biggest parties to attend later. Whilst street is relatively small, each building has a lot of space, thanks to the large basements, that are somewhat unique to this city. There is definitely more than meets the eye, which makes Kraków one of the best places to do pub crawling, when you have no idea for a stag do, but you just want to have fun.

How much money do you need for a stag night? Well, let me summarize this with words that Sunrise Avenue said during the concert in Kraków:

“You have a beautiful country, where all it takes is 1 euro to get yourself a drink.”

Food may not be the cheapest, but when it comes to drinking, you should be fine getting to party with friends. Most of the pubs and clubs, including the very center of the town will be cheaper than their equivalents in other countries. Kraków has also plenty of places to go earn some topics to talk while drinking later this evening. From the huge amount of thematically oriented places and pubs (from cthulu and pagans to old game machines and tabletop games) to heavy experience areas (shooting ranges, racing tours). Just remember, that some of those places (for example Hex pub) will need reservations beforehand. There are a lot of people there every day.

In our opinion, the best way is to meet early, do some cool stuff while still sober, enjoy typical polish dinner and go for a blast party across all the nightlife Kraków has to offer. We mentioned great tabletop pub, called Hex, but for some enthusiasts of the action movies type of experience, there is a great shooting range ran by Cracow Shooting Academy, which even has special weapon packages for a stag do. There you can also enjoy food and drinking after the successful evening or rent yourself a transport back to the city center, to attend to everything mentioned above. As Kraków is indeed a one big party every evening, you are either way in a good hands, so you should not worry anymore about how cool it will be, but you should definitely go and reserve yourself a place to visit during stag night.

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