Kraków stag night – best places

Kraków is constantly getting more known as the ultimate party night in Poland. In opposite to many quick, noisy cities, our old capital is simply friendly. Everyday Old Town’s main market is turning into the big party, no matter if it’s cold winter or warm summer, whether or not there is student season at the time or tourists are swarming those older streets. Clubs and restaurants are inviting hundreds of people every day, providing them with entertainment and typical polish food, which is both tasty and satiating. So, if you just mashed “kraków stag do” into Google or Yahoo, being here by accident, you are in very good hands.

Poland is famous from our ability to drink and party, and you can try it yourself in the biggest clubs in the city. Places like Shine, Frantic or Baccarat are attracting dozens of young people every night and they are very well described by foreign people parting in Kraków. Be careful of the clubs that exist to sunk your money, though. You will be invited to them by lack of queue and typically a beautiful girl (sometimes with umbrella). There is a reason, why those are not swarmed by people, avoid them, as Kraków with all good fame has those around as well.

Of course, late evening is only a part of this special event, that stag night can be. Of course, you can start your party early, but that’s also a way to end up quickly, which is not really cool. In other words, you will have enough of vodka, way before first biggest clubs will be opened. Where to go during that downtime then?

Kraków has a lot of places for the early part of a stag night, so you can start your event during the afternoon. There are plenty of interesting places, with typical being shooting ranges, throwing axe clubs and thematically oriented pubs or restaurants, that will fascinate a through enthusiasts of the chosen topic. The examples of such places are either club called Badaxe, where you can go crazy way before getting drunk, doing cosplay, throwing axes and laugh whole afternoon. There is also a quite unique shooting range, which was recently adjusted to cover stag and hen parties.

Yes, that’s true. Shooting range, designed to cover your stag night. It is quite unique place on the map of Europe. Here, you will start your afternoon with shooting training, including proper shooting stance, weapon maintenance and true combat shooting with guns ranging from historical rifles to emergent firearms, used by special forces. The bigger variety, the bigger price, but in general packages are affordable and can be freely modified by contacting Academy beforehand.

Alright, but what about the inevitable part of stag night? Cracow Shooting Academy is prepared for that as well, no matter if you want to simply chill out under the sky or go a little bit crazy. Company has a large area that is located far away from neighbors, that you could otherwise bother. It has both pub and place for a barbecue or even open sky party. All you have to do is reserve everything for the time of your arrival, so when you will come to the shooting range, everything will be up and running. From there all you have to do is leave your problems behind and enjoy one of the best evenings, you ever had.

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