What to do in Kraków during stag night?


So, you have made it to the one of most interesting and party oriented cities in not only Poland but middle-eastern Europe. Now you are on the verge of decision of what to do for your or your friend’s stag night? Well, we are here to help.

The great news is – you are definitely in good hands. Kraków has a reason to be considered city for young people and student life. The line between the last party in the city center and first early birds, to show up on the streets of Old Town is very thin. There is always something or someone, as long as you are willing to join.

Of course in case of a stag night you need a good plan for your company, that’s clear. Where to party in Kraków then? Where to stay for the night? There are a lot of possibilities, impossible to cover in a single write-up, but there ways to give a general idea and we also have a proposition of our own. In general, stag nights are about drinking and having crazy fun. Weird activities are not really fun anymore, except maybe for the small village, where you have to compensate for the lack of possibilities, so let’s cross that out. Cool experiences are however very good for two reasons:

a) There might be harder after marriage to chase them or simply start new passions. That might be the last call. And what a better way, to do it with bunch of closest friends?

b) They can be planned the way, that does not exclude party during the evening. Heck, both activities may be performed in one place. Nowadays companies are really well-rounded for the needs of their customers.

You might have heard by now about the plethora of possibilities when it comes to party in Kraków. Szewska Street alone may keep you entertained for the whole weekend, including eating for the hangover. However, the outskirts of market or Kraków itself, have a lot to offer, as well. You just need to know where to look. For example, you can go as crazy as to spend some time on classic and rare game machines, trying a huge variety of vodka or go crazy in playing Vikings with your friends.

One of such activities is our proposal for today. Cracow Shooting Academy, located in Pasternik has a shooting range, that is being used for stag nights all the time. Why? How? The basic plan is very simple. You start off your event in sportswear, ready for some serious action involving shooting from different weapons, marksman training and firearm course. After trying various guns, ranging from historical to emergent, you are very well prepared for your evening. There is no better conversation booster, than shared, emotional experience. At this point you have a choice to either get back to city center and do some pub crawling on the streets of Old Town (yes, everyone is doing that, that’s basically one big party every night) or stay on the shooting range and party here. It is possible, as Cracow Shooting Academy has an area ready for pub action, barbecue and open sky party. No close neighbors to annoy, no other people to disturb, just you, your friends and the beauty of the wild just under the city. There is no better place to go crazy: sing, talk and whatnot.

All of that is just surface scratching. To conclude – Kraków is one of the best cities for a stag night, so if you are here by accident, the luck is on your side anyway. You will have a great time.

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